Converting an AtlasO 50 Ton Barber Bettendorf Truck – Old Style

The first truck conversion bolster I am posting may strike everyone as being a bit odd, since I am a modern modeler. I had to make some modifications to the model, however, and upload the new model to Shapeways. The model is now correct, but the test that I printed had a significant flaw … I forgot to countersink the truck screw hole on the bottom of the truck … Doh!

While I know that Atlas has modified their roller bearing trucks to have a more prototypical appearance with narrower side-frames, I am not sure whether they have done the same for their Barber-Bettendorf trucks, so I will refer to this as the “Old Style.”

The model number is DIROATO50TBB. The direct link to the model on my Shapeways Store is:

2015-08-12 19.38.19 2015-08-12 19.38.27 2015-08-12 19.38.34 2015-08-12 19.38.53

For this conversion I used Protocraft PC-334 Axles. Which are 33″ 2-wear wheels with 70ton AAR “C” Axles. Are they technically correct for this truck? No, but, well, I don’t really care that much since I got a bulk order of axles and some of them need to go in 70Ton Roller Bearing trucks as well, so I compromised. Here is the link to Protocraft’s Proto48 axle page:

If you don’t want to deal with Shapeways, please contact me at and I will work out a price to buy the bolsters from me directly at a cost of $15 per pair, plus shipping. I will inspect the bolsters myself and ship them priority mail.


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